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egypt outline - Preserved heart in body Everything moved...

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Per-o “great house” Named after it Identified him with the gods. Belt of animals tails False bread- was a god Carried a scepter with the head of god seth Uracus spat flames which consumed rebels- on forhead Strong- on battle field masicured thousands of enemies Bounty knew no limits Guaranteed happiness from subjects Daily rituals The bodies were washed and purified Hooks in the nose and spooned out the brain Skull packed with linens, spices and nile mud Linens covered the face “Ethiopian stone”- blade Pulled out lungs and liver
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Unformatted text preview: Preserved heart in body Everything moved out besides heart put into jars to be protected Washed, purified, and Dried the body Filled the body Covered everything Body covered with molten resin Painted dressed and jeweled Final wrapping with semiprecious stones wrapped in Coffin whole body Pulled on a sled with animal skin Point of departure to life of eternity Brick tombs “mansion for eternity” Step style Four corners pointing north south east and west Wall written on Limestone manpower...
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