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Anderson - Selected Quotations from Textbooks and Published...

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Selected Quotations from Textbooks and Published Papers Source( Online Video): ColoradoLeeds. "Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making." YouTube. Web. 14 Jul. 2010. Robert Hall “One result that really came to mind is that it turns out that people pay less on their credit cards if you tell them their is a minimum payment then if you just tell them how much they actually owe. So the law that says their has to be a minimum payment actually makes people run up larger balances on their credit card. I found that really amazing.” Minimum Required Payment and Supplemental Information Disclosure Effects on Consumer Debt and Repayment Decisions Source: Consumer Misunderstanding of Credit Card Use, Payments, and Debt: Causes and Solutions(Boulder Conference) Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes Forthcoming “There is already some evidence, for example, that the new statement reduces the extent to which people anchor on the amount due by disclosing the temporal and financial consequences of paying only this amount (Salisbury & Lemon, 2009).” Source: Winning the Battle but Losing the War: The Psychology of Debt Management – Journal of Market Research “It should be noted that debt account aversion is only one way in which consumers mismanage their debts. For example, recent work has revealed that consumers tend to overweight minimum payment information when deciding how much to repay each month on their credit cards (Salisbury and Lemon 2010; Stewart 2009), that they can be insufficiently sensitive to interest rates when choosing between loans (Shu 2010), and that they often fail to transfer balances from high-interest to low-interest debt accounts (Stango and Zinman 2009a). Future work should continue to examine the ways in which consumers manage (and mismanage) their debts.” Source: Leave Home Without It? The Effects of Credit Card Debt and Available Credit on Spending Just a cite.
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Alleviating the constant stochastic variance assumption in decision research: Theory, measurement, and experimental test. (2010) Source: Narayan, Vishal, Vithala R. Rao, and Carolyne Saunders. "How Peer Influence Affects Attribute Preferences: A Bayesian Updating Mechanism." Marketing Science Celebrating 30 Years 30.2 (2011): 368-84. Print.
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