Entrepreneurship - English Title Entrepreneurship and...

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English Title Entrepreneurship and Innovation in a Global Perspective. Concepts, Development, and Challenges
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Language English Point 7.5 ECTS (225 SAT) Type Elective Level Bachelor Duration One Semester Course Period Autumn Pending schedule: Wed.:11.40-14.15, week:37-46 Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus Study Board Study Board for BSc in Business Administration and Sociology Course Coordinator Alfred Reckendrees - [email protected] Secretary Karina Ravn Nielsen/ Lucie Alexanian - [email protected] Main Category of the Course Corporate and Business Strategy Economic and organizational sociology Innovation and entrepreneurship Learning Objectives Using theoretical approaches and historical analysis, the course provides the skills to understand the dynamic of business development. The students acquire knowledge about entrepreneurship in different historical and institutional contexts and in different types of business organizations. They develop an understanding of the complex relations between organizations, individuals and institutions, and of inner- organizational relations that influence entrepreneurial decision making and the process of innovation. And they learn about internationally different institutional arrangements and cultures that influence both entrepreneurship and innovation. The course deepens the understanding why and how entrepreneurial activity is important for economic development (and that it can be disastrous, too), and it will provide insights which type of economic activity can be regarded entrepreneurial. On the practical level the students, by studying historical and recent cases of entrepreneurship and
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Entrepreneurship - English Title Entrepreneurship and...

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