Week 6 Checkpoint - through a coping style of just wanting...

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Jessica Corcoran Week 6 Checkpoint Diane Philips HCA 250 July 15, 2011
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Coping style is a person’s characteristic strategies used in response to life problems or traumas; it can include thoughts emotions or behaviors. When someone is going to go through a tough procedure such as a cardiac catheterization and run the possibility of being awake it can cause a lot of added stress on a person and their family. I chose Case A which was a 64 year old male named Gerry, who has been experiencing severe chest tightness and shortness of breath for several days. Gerry is married but his wife has just recently lost her father so he feels its more necessary to keep his medical problems away from her attention because he does not want to cause any more stress or worry to her. Gerry is clearly going
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Unformatted text preview: through a coping style of just wanting to protect his wife from worrying without him being worried about his health. He is going to have to have a procedure done but does not want his wife or family to know because he feels like he can handle his own stress level which in the end could end up causing more stress than he might be aware of. I would suggest Gerry letting his wife know about the symptoms that he has been having and let her know not to worry but he would like to go see the doctor and maybe explain the procedure the doctor would like to do in the long run and maybe after the doctor explains it in detail to Gerry he then can explain it to his wife with out adding more stress on either of them....
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Week 6 Checkpoint - through a coping style of just wanting...

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