Bipolar Mood Disorder

Bipolar Mood Disorder - Bipolar Disorder 1 Bipolar Mood...

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Bipolar Disorder 1 Bipolar Mood Disorder Amanda Ketchum Axia College of University of Phoenix January 26, 2010
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Bipolar Disorder 2 Bipolar Disorder There are many types and classifications of psychological disorders and one of these classifications are mood disorders. One particular type of mood disorder is bipolar disorder. There are two main conditions present with bipolar which are mania and depression. Depression is the most common mood disorder. An individual, who is experiencing depression feels overwhelmed with sadness, has a loss of interest in activities that they once enjoyed, has excessive feelings of guilt, and feelings of worthlessness (Morris & Maisto 2005). An individual who is dealing with depression is not able to enjoy the activities that they once partook in, they are tired and apathetic. Sometimes it is so severe that they cannot or are unable to make even the simplest decisions for themselves. They tend to blame themselves for their problems and feel like they have failed in life. Cases of severe depression can lead to insomnia and loss of interest in sex and food, and problems thinking or concentrating (Morris & Maisto 2005). In fact troubles concentrating and short term memory problems are a good indicator of an onset of depression. Extremely serious cases may lead a person to have thoughts of suicide and possible attempts at
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Bipolar Mood Disorder - Bipolar Disorder 1 Bipolar Mood...

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