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Astoria Federal Savings Pre-Appraisal Questionnaire (Self-Evaluation) Name: Veronica Garcia Position: Assistant Branch Manager Department/Branch: Lynbrook # 31 Review Period: 4/16/07 to 4/16/08 The Pre-Appraisal Questionnaire is an important part of the Performance Management Process. This self-evaluation is required to be completed and designed to assist you in reviewing your performance, recording your opinions of your current position and future goals, and for discussion in your performance appraisal meeting with your Manager/Supervisor. This Questionnaire will be attached to your completed Performance Appraisal and included in your personnel file in the Human Resources Department. Evaluation of your performance is based on your major accomplishments and the extent to which the following Performance Values were demonstrated during the past year: Job Knowledge Accomplishing Work/Goals & Problem-Solving/Decision-Making Skills Leadership Qualities Working With Others Teamwork “Customer” Focus Commitment Initiative Innovation Motivation Dependability If additional information is required on the above values, you may contact your Manager/Supervisor or the Human Please complete this Questionnaire and return it to your Manager/Supervisor at least two (2) weeks prior to your annual review date. Evaluator’s Comments: January – 2006 Page 1 of 4 Evaluator’s Name (print): Evaluator’s Position: Evaluator’s Signature: Date: Employee’s Signature : Date:
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Astoria Federal Savings Pre-Appraisal Questionnaire (Self-Evaluation) This Questionnaire is designed to help you reflect on your accomplishments, work habits, and capabilities in handling work assignments and future development objectives or job opportunities. Based upon the following Performance Values, please describe your performance during the review period: J O B K N O W L E D G E Comment on your knowledge and skills required to perform the core accountabilities of your job as described in the Position Description. Include your professional, operational, or technical competence in various aspects of the job. During this year I have attended to the following trainings: Personal Banker, Business Banker, Assistant Manager Operations Training, People Management Skills, Peak Consulting Sales, Performance Management , Compliance Outreach, Insurance and Annuities sales and paper work training. Such training has helped me in understanding and operating in the Assistant Manager role. In branch training has proved to be very beneficial in my role as assistant branch manager. I’ve observed that I’m currently more proactive than reactive to my branch’s needs.
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Pre-AppraisalQuestionnaire - Astoria Federal Savings...

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