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Abuse is upsettingly common in Afghanistan according to the videos. There are really a few strategies that a person can use to help these women who are being abused. These women need to know what the laws are in their country and need to properly report the abuse as it happens. Among families there are countless cases of domestic abuse. It is a problem that is growing, not only in size but in intensity. The intensity causes victims of abuse are scared to come forth and talk about their situation. They are made weak by their perpetrator and left terrified of the consequences of telling anyone. There are some, however, who do come forward. Forcing the truth on an abused person will probably backfire. It is better to lead the person into the truth and offer support to them.
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Unformatted text preview: Seeking help is the first step in breaking the bonds of fear. Until someone knows that they can trust another person not to hurt them, they will never be able to take the first steps toward denying further abuse. This is very hard to do, however, since trust is broken once they become abused. Nonetheless there are sometimes family members who can help, or guidance counselors who are sworn to protect their privacy. Offering a safe place to stay and letting them know that they are loved and deserve better from life than abuse and suffering can go a long way to helping them out of the situation. I would only force a change if the situation became a hazard to the person's life....
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