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Axia IT205-Appendix B - and references for all resources...

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Axia College Material Appendix B Key Computer Terms CheckPoint Definitions and Usage of Information Technology Infrastructure Components and Technologies The following terms are examples of information technology infrastructure components and technologies used in business. Research definitions using the Internet. You will write a definition of each term and provide at least two examples of the component or technology. Provide citations
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Unformatted text preview: and references for all resources. Term Definition References Examples (At least two) Hardware Physical parts of a computer system http://www.techter ms.com/definition/h ardware Monitor and mouse Software Data management technology Networking Telecommunications Technology services Personal digital assistants Personal computers Servers Supercomputers Secondary storage technology Input devices Output devices IT/205...
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  • Summer '08
  • Personal computer, Information Technology Infrastructure, technology infrastructure components, Usage of Information Technology Infrastructure

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