Internet Tools - Internet Tools The key to running a...

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Internet Tools The key to running a successful business is communication and access to information. The quicker an employee can access information being either a question asked by a customer or doing inventory on company products the more time an employee can save gathering that information and answering the question for the customer which in turn will make that customer happy and ensure that he/she will continue to return for future business which will create more revenue. By install a network infrastructure with internet both wired and wireless access to this information and the ability for employees to communicate with each other will increase productivity and cut down hours spent using other means to retrieve information. Many of these technologies will help Dirt Bike management expand their business to customers all over the world and allow employees to work faster and be more efficient. First, adding intranet to a company’s internet network will provide secure access to internal company information such as employee records and personal information, inventory or products, pricing, and the management information system. Laudon and Laudon (2009) “ Whereas the Web is available to anyone, an intranet is private and is protected from public visits by firewalls—security systems with specialized software to prevent outsiders from entering private networks”. It would allow upper management to keep up on the trends of their industry and watch the movement of the industry along with the how the economy is moving which will allow them to compete with their competitors. Employees would be able to access the web from a desktop computer, laptop, or a handheld
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Internet Tools - Internet Tools The key to running a...

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