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EXCEL GRAPHS QUICK REFERENCE HELP SHEET BASIC: (Instructions to prepare basic) 1) Put x-data in column (A1, A2, A3 …etc) 2) Put y-data in column (B1, B2, B3 …etc) 3) Click and Drag “A” and “B” data columns together 4) Click “Chart Wizard” 5) STEP 1: 6) Choose chart type (ie XY scatter, etc) 7) Choose chart sub-type (ie no connecting lines, etc) 8) Click “Next” 9) STEP 2: 10) Click “Next” 11) STEP 3: 12) Click “Titles” 13) Type graph Title 14) Type Value (X) Axis 15) Type Value (Y) Axis 16) Click “Gridlines” (choose gridline preference) 17) Click “Legend” (edit legend as necessary) 17) Click “Next” 18) STEP 4: Click “As New Sheet” Click “Finished” 19) Click “Chart” 20) Click “Add Trendline” 21) Click Type Trendline (linear, logarithmic, etc) 22) Click “Options”
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Unformatted text preview: 23) Check “Display Equation on Chart” 24) Click “OK” 25) Click “Print” 26) Save to File Name ADVANCED: (Instructions to improved axis accuracy) 1) Right Click anywhere on X-axis of graph 2) Left click “Format Axis” 3) Click Pattern Tab 4) Click on “Minor Tick Marks Type: O Cross” 5) Click Scale Tab 6) Adjust Values of Mininium/Maxinium to better scale data 7) Adjust Values of Major Units/Minor Units to improve accuracy & readability 8) Save to File Name Jpechunf2003 PRACTICE EXCEL GRAPH Use the following data and construct an EXCEL graph. Mass (y) Volume (x) (grams) (volume) ================= 1.3546 10.6042 1.4390 10.9789 0.9319 8.1211 1.7011 12.8801 1.5023 11.0152 1.4042 11.4325 1.6669 12.8577...
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Excel-Graph-Help - 23) Check “Display Equation on...

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