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GENERAL CHEMISTRY I LABORATORY HOMEWORK SPRING 2011 SCHEDULE Week Exp Experimental Title H/W H/Due Jan-10 1 Syllabus, Safety, SIG/FIGS, & Safety Video SFs none ` Jan-17 2 Separating Components of a Mixture none none January 17 th MLK Holiday NO GCHEM Labs on 17 th ONLY Jan-24 3 Lab Measurements & Techniques DA SFs Jan-31 4 Density of Solids and Liquids density DA Feb-07 5 EF/mole density Stoich Feb-14 6 Determining Limiting Reagents LReg EF/mole Stoich Feb-21 7
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Unformatted text preview: none LReg Feb-28 8 Molarity/Concentration Chemical Solutions molarity none Mar-07 9 Charles Law: Temperature Versus Volume charles molarity Mar-14 10 SPRING BREAK HOLIDAYS Mar-21 11 Heat of Chemical Reaction heatRx charles Mar-28 12 Titration & Neutralization Reactions titration heatRx Apr-04 13 Molecule Geometry molgeo titration Apr-11 14 Lab Exam & Practical N/A molgeo Apr-20 15 Classes End ver 12/14/2010...
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