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THE IMPORTANCE OF SIGNIFICANT FIGURES (Sig/Fig) OR DIGITS IN CALCULATIONS Why are significant digits important to scientific discovery and acquisition of laboratory data at UNF ? Consider your car’s consumption of gasoline on a trip from the UNF campus to Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, GA. Assume that your car travels exactly 25.5 (3 S/F) miles per gallon of gasoline and the distance from the UNF campus to the Georgia State Capitol Building is about 500 (1 S/F) miles. Based on these facts, the calculate gallons of gas required to travel from UNF to State Capitol in Atlanta is: 500 miles 1.00 gallons of gas = 19.6 (3 S/F) gallons of gas needed 25.5 miles or 20. (2 S/F) gallons of gas needed or 20 (1 S/F) gallons of gas needed You pumped exactly 19.6 (3 S/F) gallons of gasoline in your car’s gas tank and embarked for Atlanta. Did you arrive at the State Capitol Building in Atlanta ? Unfortunately you car
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Unformatted text preview: ran-out-of-gasoline short of you destination. After a more careful determination of the distance to Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, it was found that the distance was exactly 523.5 miles (4 S/F). Based on this more accurate determination (more significant digits) of the distance to State Capitol, the gallons of gasoline required for the trip are: 523.5 miles 1.00 gallons of gas = 20.5 (3 S/F) gallons of gas needed 25.5 miles When acquiring lab data measurements always “maximize” the number of significant digits in all measurable variables and constants. When performing lab calculations observe all significant digit calculation rules in all steps and rounding your final answer accordingly. Never present your final answer with more significant figures than the least number of significant figures in one of the calculations variables or constants. Jpechunf082004...
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