12-Equil-Chatelier-Ans - EQUILIBRIUM & LeCHATELIER...

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EQUILIBRIUM & LeCHATELIER GCHEM II LAB CONCEPT PROBLEMS LaChatelier Principle Table of Disturbances Reference Reaction: (endothermic heat reactant) A(g) 2B(g) (exothermic heat product) CONCENTRATION: PRESSURE: Add or Increase [A] Right [B] Increase Pressure* or Decrease Volume Toward fewer moles gas [A] Remove or Decrease [B] Right [B] Decrease Pressure or Increase Volume Toward more moles gas [B] Remove by Reaction [A] Left [A] *Increase Pressure w/non-reacting gas (Argon) no equilibrium change TEMPERATURE: Exothermic Rx: Increase temp. (Left to [A]) Endothermic Rx: Increase temp. (Right to [B]) Decrease temp. (Right to [B]) Decrease temp. (Left to [A]) CATALYST: Add Catalyst No change (only equilibrium reached faster because of lower activation energy barrier) 1) Consider reaction CO (g) +Fe 3 O 4 (s)  CO 2 (g) + 3 FeO (s) which direction does the reaction move in response to the following stresses: a) CO is added: O- left X- right O -no change b) CO 2 is removed:
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12-Equil-Chatelier-Ans - EQUILIBRIUM & LeCHATELIER...

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