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CHEMICAL KINETICS INTEGRATED RATE LAWS AND HALF-LIFE GCHEM II LAB CONCEPT PROBLEMS INTEGRATED RATE LAW: 1) Decomposition of dimethyl ether (CH 3 ) 2 O at 410 o C is first order with a rate constant of 6.8 x 10 -4 sec -1 . If the initial concentration of the dimethyl ether was 0.457 M, what is the concentration after 125 seconds ? 2) The equation and rate law for hydrolysis of sucrose is as follows: C 12 H 22 O 11 à C 6 H 12 O 6 Rx Rate = k [C 12 H 22 O 11 ] 2 . After 2.57 hours at 29.5 o C, the sucrose concentration decreased from 0.0146 M to 0.0132 M. Calculate the value of rate constant with units ? 3) Decomposition of SO 2 Cl 2 (g) à SO 2 (g) + Cl 2 (g) is a first order reaction. The rate constant for the reaction is 2.8 x 10 –3 1/min at 556 K. If the initial concentration is 1.24 x 10 –3 M, how many minutes will be needed for the concentration to decrease to 3.12 x 10 -4 M ? 4) DDT insecticide decomposes by 1 st order reaction with rate constant of 1.45 1/years. DDT ran-off into a
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30-Kinetics-Intergrated-H-Life-Prob - CHEMICAL KINETICS...

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