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SYLLABUS GENERAL CHEMISTRY II LAB (CHM 2046L) UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA SPRING 2011 Lab Instructor: John Pechonick E-Mail: jpechoni@unf.edu Office: Bldg #50 / Rm #2730 Office Hrs: (Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri – 11:00 pm/2:00 pm) or (by appointment) Phone: 620-1956 Chemistry Lab Web Page: www.unf.edu/~jpechoni Course Objective: This General Chemistry II laboratory course will provide you with hands on experience performing experiments that will enforce and stimulate the lecture subjects. Successful performance in the laboratory will insure you an improved understanding of the lecture concepts. Lab Manual: “General Chemistry II Lab”, Thomson, CHM 2045L, 2005, UNF. Manual is available at UNF Bookstore and College Book Rack. A scientific calculator is required. : You must abide by all safety rules as outlined in the Laboratory Safety Agreement / UNF Safety Lab Module. Safety eyewear and close toed shoes must be worn at all times in lab while experiments are in progress. Failure to wear safety glasses will result in dismissal from lab. Attendance: Each lab represents approximately 8% of your final grade. If you miss or plan in advance on missing a lab, you can make-up the lab, quiz, and submissions with instructors written approval within same week it was missed . Excused lab absences will be evaluated on an individual basis. Late Assignments: Assignments are due at the beginning of each lab. Assignments will be accepted no later than the end of the lab period. Late assignments will be accepted only with a valid excuse and the
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This note was uploaded on 07/28/2011 for the course CHM 2046c taught by Professor Staff during the Summer '08 term at UNF.

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