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Binomial Distribution, Example 2 Assume that the population of interest is the population of all adult (at least 18 years old) males in the U. S. Assume that a certain proportion, p, of this population are over 6 feet tall, where 0 p 1. We will select a random sample of 10 people from this population, and ask each person in the sample, “Are you over 6 feet tall?” Is this a binomial experiment? Why or why not? i) The experiment consists of 10 trials. ii) The trials are identical to each other, since each trial consists of randomly selecting a member from the population and asking the person whether he is over 6 feet tall. iii) The trials are independent of each other, due to random sampling. iv) Each trial has two possible outcomes: Success = {person selected says he is over 6 feet tall} or Failure = {person selected says he is not over 6 feet tall}. v) P(Success) = p for each trial, due to random sampling. Let X = number of people in the sample who are over 6 feet tall.
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