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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1 Review Questions. 1. Administrators at a large university want to know the average debt in- curred by their graduates. Surveys were mailed to 210 graduates asking them to report their total student loan debt. Identify the population and sample in the study. 2. Identify the following variables as quantitative or qualitative. If quanti- tative say if it's discrete or continuous. a) the colors of book covers on a bookshelf b) the weight of a player on the wrestling team c) the age of the oldest employee in the data processing department d) the numbers on the shirts of a boy s football team 3. Determine whether the following are observational studies or designed experiments. a) The personnel director at a large company would like to determine whether the company cafeteria is widely used by employees. She calls each employee and asks them whether they usually bring their own lunch, eat at the company cafe- teria, or go out for lunch b)A researcher obtained a random sample of 100 smokers and a random sample of 100 nonsmokers. After interviewing all 200 participants in the study, the researcher compared the rate of depression among the smokers with the rate of depression among nonsmokers. c) A scientist was studying the e ects of a new fertilizer on crop yield. She randomly assigned half of the plots on a farm to group one and the remaining 1 plots to group two. On the plots in group one, the new fertilizer was used for a year. On the plots in group two, the old fertilizer was used. At the end of theyear....
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