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Statistics 528: Homework 3 Due Friday, January 30 1. IPS Section 2.1, exercises 2.1, 2.4, 2.8, 2.12 Making a scatterplot in MINITAB: Select Graph-Plot and then choose the variable for the X (horizontal) axis and the Y (vertical) axis. For exercise 2.12, you need to use different symbols for the two the runs of the experiment. You can do this by clicking on the downward arrow beside For each in the dialogue box and changing Graph to Group . Then select the variable C1 in the Group Variables box. 2. IPS Section 2.2, exercises 2.20 (b-d), 2.21, 2.34 Note on exercise 2.20: We did problem 2.11 in class, so you do not need to make the scatterplot of the data. Be sure to take a look at the lecture notes so you can
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Unformatted text preview: check that your answers for 2.20 b-d make sense. Calculating correlations in MINITAB: To calculate the correlation between two variables in MINITAB select Stat-Basic Statistics-Correlation and then enter the two variables in the Variables box. To compute correlations for subsets of the data, you first need to separate your data. This is done by selecting Manip-Split Worksheet and then selecting the variable you want to use to split your data in the by variables box. MINITAB will generate two worksheets, and you then can compute the correlation for the variables in each worksheet separately....
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