Immediate-Early Genes

Immediate-Early Genes - Genomic action potential...

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Genomic action potential Immediate-early gene response Comparison b/t gAP and eAP: Neuron is integrating a variety of inputs, leading to all or none response eAP = axon hillock gAP = cell nucleus gAP is much slower IEG occurs after threshold level of stimulation IEG --> low threshold of stimulation Ex: 20s of bird song gives the same effect as 30min IEG = rapid change in gene regulation IEG => any gene whose expression can be induced without requiring the synthesis of other proteins Cascade of events that leads to IEG response: 1. Membrane depolarization --> activation of postsynaptic receptors 2. Metabotrophic receptors initiate 2 nd messenger = Ca 2+ 3. 2 nd Messenger Cascade 4. Activate existing transcription factors --> translocate into nucleus, bind to promoter sites on DNA and induce expression of IEGs 5. Activate gene expression mRNA of IEGs peaks after about 30mins and then reaches highest level after one hour What physiological stimuli can induce IEG response? 1.
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Immediate-Early Genes - Genomic action potential...

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