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Statistics 528: Minitab Handout 1 Throughout the STAT 528-530 sequence, you will be asked to perform numerous statistical calculations with the aid of the Minitab software package. This handout will get you started with Minitab. As the course progresses, you will receive further handouts detailing more of Minitab's commands and illustrating their use. This handout is designed for Minitab 13.1 for PC. Minitab is no longer produced for Macintosh. The handout should work for relatively current versions of Minitab (say versions 10.1 and beyond). Data To perform any statistical analysis, we need data. The key to understanding how Minitab works is to understand the structure of data in the package. Data are entered into Minitab in the form of a spreadsheet. In its basic form, each column of the spreadsheet represents a variable and each row of the spreadsheet represents a case. Yield Variety Field 3.22 1 1 3.04 2 1 3.06 3 1 2.64 4 1 3.19 5 1 2.49 6 1 3.31 1 2 2.99 2 2 3.17 3 2 2.75 4 2 3.40 5 2 2.37 6 2 3.26 1 3 3.27 2 3 2.93 3 3 2.59 4 3 3.11 5 3 2.38 6 3 3.25 1 4 3.20 2 4 3.09 3 4 2.62 4 4 3.23 5 4 2.37 6 4
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Getting Data Into Minitab The data in the sample session are yields of six varieties of alfalfa grown on four fields. To get these data into Minitab, use the menu sequence File ; Open Worksheet… . Next click on Alfalfa.MTW , and then click on the Open button. Data should appear in your spreadsheet, and you will get a message in the session window (the top window) that reads something like: Retrieving worksheet from file: C:\Program Files\MTBWIN\Data\Alfalfa.MTW # Worksheet was saved on Mon Jan 31 2000 Data will appear in the data window, labeled Alfalfa.MTW . The data consist of 24 cases. Four fields were used for the experiment, with each of the six varieties grown on one plot in each field. The first column tells us what the yield was on a plot; the second column tells us which variety was grown on the plot (1 through 6) and the third column tells us which field the plot lies in (1 through 4). Another way to get the data into Minitab is to type the numbers in by yourself. To do so,
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minitabho1 - Statistics 528: Minitab Handout 1 Throughout...

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