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soccer - Crystal Palace,215,78 Shrewsbury,108,68 Swindon...

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Sheet1 Page 1 team,"attend","arrests" Aston Villa,404,308 Bradford City,286,197 Leeds United,443,184 Bournemouth,169,149 West Brom,222,132 Hudderfield,150,126 Middlesbro,321,110 Birmingham,189,101 Ipswich Town,258,99 Leicester City,223,81 Blackburn,211,79
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Unformatted text preview: Crystal Palace,215,78 Shrewsbury,108,68 Swindon Town,210,67 Sheffield Utd,224,60 Stoke City,211,57 Barnsley,168,55 Millwall,185,44 Hull City,158,38 Manchester City,429,35 Plymouth,226,29 Reading,150,20 Oldham,148,19...
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  • City status in the United Kingdom, Premier League, County borough, The Football League, Articles including recorded pronunciations, Aston

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