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journal - with these data you may wish to create a fourth...

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journal.dat Types of sampling used for articles in a sample of journals. Source: Jacoby, J. and Handlin, A. H. (1991). Non-probability sampling designs for litigation surveys. Trademark Reporter , 81, 169–179. Note that columns 2 and 3 do not always sum to column 1; for some articles, the investigators could not determine which type of sampling was used. When working
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Unformatted text preview: with these data, you may wish to create a fourth column, “indeterminate,” which equals column1 - (column2 + column3). Column Name Value 1 numemp number of articles in 1988 that used sampling 2 prob number of articles that used probability sampling 3 nonprob number of articles that used non-probability sampling 32...
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