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Stat 651 (Winter 2011) Kaizar Practice Problems for Exam 2 Exercises with solutions 1. A researcher is trying to estimate the proportion of workers at plant nurseries that are female in a selected number of states (FL, IN, MI, OH, DE, RI, TN, AZ). Her sampling plan is: Stratify by state Select n h nurseries in each state with equal probability of selection Survey all workers at the selected nursery (a) The selection scheme and resulting sample size is shown here: State # Nurseries # Selected Nurseries Total # Employed AZ 243 20 673 TN 1383 23 707 RI 87 2 55 DE 131 10 327 OH 1434 32 872 MI 1525 12 329 IN 437 10 247 FL 7703 30 861 What are the weights for each employee in each of the selected nurseries? (b) Further research was desired in Rhode Island. The researcher went back to the 2 selected nurseries and randomly subsampled 10 workers (with equal probabilities) from each of these nurseries. The ±rst nursery had 21 employees and the second had 34 employees. What are the new weights for each of the selected employees in Rhode Island?
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practiceExam2 - Stat 651 (Winter 2011) Kaizar Practice...

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