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Unformatted text preview: Electromagnetic Surface Patch Code: V5 Electromagnetic Edward H. Newman TEL: (614) 292-4999, FAX: (614) 292-7297, E-mail: [email protected] http://eewww.eng.ohio-state.edu/~newman/ ESP5 Basics: Wire Grid Model of Auto Antenna With Backlite Monopole • MM Solution of EFIE • PWS Basis Functions Geometries: • • • • • Thin Wires Polygonal Plates Polygonal Dielectric Vols. Dielectric Half-Space Internal Gridders Outputs: • • • • • Frequency or Angle Sweeps Currents and Impedances Far and Near Zone Gain (all pol.) Far and Near Zone RCS (all pol.) N-port Coupling Matrices Polygonal Plate Models ESP5 Geometry Wire/Wire Junction Polygonal Dielectric Volume Wire 3 Wire 2 Polygonal Side 1 Wire 1 Plate 1 (µ b , ε m ) Wire/Plate Junction Plate/Plate Junction Polygonal Side 2 z=0 Plate 2 Background Medium: (µ b , ε b ) Half−Space Medium: ( µ h , ε h ) ElectroScience Laboratory Dielectric Half Space A major use of ESP5 is to verify the accuracy of other methods. Below, ESP5 is used to verify Prof. Joel Johnson’s 4 path model for scattering by a dielectric box above a flat earth ...
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