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Unformatted text preview: EM Shielding EM Edward H. Newman TEL: (614) 292-4999, FAX: (614) 292-7297, E-mail: newman@ee.eng.ohio-state.edu http://eewww.eng.ohio-state.edu/~newman/ The OSUBOX Code Direct Transmission thru a Multilayered Box via the Method of Moments Aperture Transmission in Large Cavities by the Power Balance Method Apertures in Circular Cylinder Code Designed to model energy transmitted to the interior of an aircraft fuselage. Below energy is coupled from a transmit antenna on the fuselage, thru a receive aperture to the interior. An R-card treatment of the receive aperture is used to reduce the interior fields. L=10m R f=10 GHz T Untreated R = 100 Ohms R = 10 Ohms ElectroScience Laboratory R=1m ...
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