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FNL_sp06_1a - EEdH Final Est Sp zoos Nam 5D[tuft to Problem...

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Unformatted text preview: EEdH Final Est. Sp. zoos Nam: 5D [tuft to Problem l; {M} [Hflfofl graphon next page} A filter was] = Heisman} consists of the series combination of an it = 1110 El resistor and an L: {11 rnH inductor, which has leads of length I = 1 cm and capacitance per unit lengjh of r; .1onFrm {of and er' are negligible in relation to t. and it. respectively). Ignore the effects of leads on the “main line". Label all ddeec. slopes and half power or break frequencies. {a} What is the self resonant frequency. as". of the inductor plus leads? {bl Sketch as a solid line the nmgniuide of the asymptotic c'lB transfer function Hfltfiei} for m5 It)". fc} Sketch as a dashed line the magnitude of the asymptotic dB transfer function 11'”wa for sizes". [a]; Ego-1.11;. circuit 39v oJl fags. --— a) _ "qfi'rl- moms-*5 UL—lc;¢ mm : (01 rod. flee. (133st was)”: L dominalcs (ignsre (“1:313 Leo:- Puss obi-bit heir, passer frets, * V ‘00 .a tbflL- R‘PEJ ”0" *fi = 07+?" 7' '0‘ md'XEEE. L (9 ('3‘; For WawatC sweats-s (13mm. L) + ”_—H-———--* H1551 Poss tc-rl'h his-.15. Pete-er 'ftfl‘i B UwaCtmt 5% Vs ___._ gafiwfifz :Tfletoglfli: ...
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