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MD1_sp05_2 - I‘ EEIEHHHJSPJWE Hm Sgluhon Pmblcg 1{35 A...

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Unformatted text preview: I‘ EEIEHHHJSPJWE Hm Sgluhon Pmblcg] 1'. {35%) A prawn! is known In [ail lbs FCC Class B test {Paul Tub-la 2.21M 3 dEme at l EiI-lz. What will be the apeflmm analyzer vultagn, Vss in dBpV, which it will produce at Ihl: sat up below. 51mm show that the mltags 011 um T—lins is ramped by s fltlfll' £11.95 for such mats: of propagation, and than an insidsnt finld if 10 Wm will produce a rsssivsd voltage of if“ = I13 V II [he tmninsls nf flu: sums. Assume. sh: system is pet-fend}! matchcd, and the antenna is in this far sons of Ih: product. "—30 m tom—t- T-Line. u uric 5h <33— Anemssam AF= 5:532“ =12ss'; 2:qu fl 10%|} @. Pe'wr meiw CL 2‘5;— =1, ms» crosdrsdfipamaw - TossL CLdB- _(o 445 FiEEXle) =4.45 am PM 2 1% Isa-s —1 0' EM (1': 3m): (54 +3)= 5'1 aLE/AV/m ‘ Since :chw‘ Earle. E“: "I" . Engéibrn): Ein£(3m)(3¢) In. 6'5“" E1“; 3‘5 Mbd’B/HV/m: E's; 3m)d:§ub’jm+ RD [lélg(o'{3 = ST asks/w 20:13 = 31 agsV/m @' (1:155 Dbl-85" Vskdguv E; 1".- ncmfivfm_ AFdE' CLr-EB H =31sgsv/m- flquB—JWMB ~l0s$5d3gl=LV 2: P: P . "l 'Lmflsr “33 LDES/m- Pm Vin .. ‘1 v,“ Vast PM V1; 035“ ...
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