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MD1_sp06_1 - ECEIEHMid.i Sniflflfi Hm{JOLIIIQEI...

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Unformatted text preview: ECEIEHMid.i Sniflflfi- Hm: {JOLIIIQEI Wfififil 111 th: 51:11:: hcluw. lb: Wm analyur wing: is F5. = lfldflp‘h’. MW [5th that tit: millage an the T-iint: is m by a finer ut'flfifi for Inch meta ut'pmpagatiun. and that an incident field ut‘fi "Wm will product 3 mm Millage of Fm = I14 V II the terminals om: alumni. By haw many dBp‘Wm dues the mduct pass or fail [indicate which} the FCC Clan B test {Patti Table 2.41m QEDMHI. Amhesymml ismamhmdtufi-Ifllnndthapmduct isfm flnfilrfialdnffllenntema. iD‘figla Judy/M (30% = '10 cam/av + 213% + 4.4545 zasfisttW/m " 506. mm Change; farm He. meals, 1': 30m “it: +ha FCC. r=3m -. Sincfl Far Zone; Ema: 1—? ——-.- Eimgm): E1MBDM3[%E] a: Ewart): ioEmJaom) 0r EinLdEuUJn-tfim): fiwmeDm) +20c£B : 56.. 35 fifivfflt 'Stnce i301 Lin-H i5 54-:9.§mV/m it Falls in: 135 <13;me --—_— —_ ____ ...
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