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Statistics 428: Homework #2 Chapter 6 Required problems: To be turned in for credit: 6.4: “The article from which the data of Exercise 1 was extracted…” (page 240) 6.12: “Suppose a certain type of fertilizer has an expected yield…” (page 242) 6.16: “Suppose the true average growth of one type of plant…” (page 242) 6.20: “A random sample of n bike helmets…” (page 251) 6.23: “Two different computer systems are monitored…” (page 251) 6.30: “At time t = 0, 20 identical components are put on test…” (page 252) 6.34: “The mean squared error of an estimator…” (page 252) Remember that you must show all work
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Unformatted text preview: when answering the questions. If the answer to the question is a calculation, be sure to write down the formula you used or describe how you made the calculation. Suggested Problems: The following suggested problems do not need to be turned in: 6.7: “ a. A random sample of 10 houses in a particular area…” (page 241) 6.8: “In a sample of 80 components of a certain type…” (page 241) 6.22: “Let X denote the proportion of allotted time…” (page 251) 6.27: “Let X 1 , X 2 , …, X n be a random sample from a gamma distribution…” (page 251) 6.38: “Each of n specimens is to be weighed twice…” (page 253)...
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