Analyzing Scientific Literature

Analyzing Scientific Literature - flexibility>success...

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400 words   What is the take-home message? 1. Title 2. Abstract 3. Intro 4. Results 5. Discussion 6. Methods   What to include? Main issue Central Question (Hypothesis) What was measured? How was it measured? Results and important relationships Why is this important? What new info have been covered? What do you think?   Do NOT Include All previous studies mentioned in the intro Detailed description of methods Description of statistical test   Ex) Schultz Article   Background and importance: Changes in environment and bird population   Main Question: How do intrinsic properties of birds affect their population?   Hypothesis: Larger brain = smarter, better able to cope with environment (behavioral 
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Unformatted text preview: flexibility) -->success! Techniques: Relative brain size, niche position/breadth Results: Niche position and brain size effect population's success--> ability to use common resource (not specialized)--> telencephalon and brain stem => cortex, limbic system, and basal ganglia Critique: lots of structures included here, but not really analyzed! What is significant? p<0.05 R2 should be close to 1 (0.5 can be good) Discussion: Go back and look at notes to make your own discussion--> no direct quotes!...
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Analyzing Scientific Literature - flexibility>success...

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