IRV2.errata - because you have to ip the coin at least once...

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Mistakes in the notes document 530-IRV2.pdf On page 7 of 14, in the computation of the PGF for a geometrically distributed variable, I’ve indexed the geometric series wrong. I did it correctly in class, but I scanned the notes in before then, so they’re still wrong. The only real difference is that the series should start at 1, not zero,
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Unformatted text preview: because you have to ip the coin at least once before you can stop. The probability generating function for the geometric distribution should be computed as follows: G X ( z ) = X n =1 p X ( n ) z n = X n =1 q n-1 pz n = p q X n =1 ( qz ) n = p q qz 1-qz = pz 1-qz . Last compiled at 10:27 P.M. on October 9, 2009...
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