Introduction - Behavioral Neuroscientists reject dualism =...

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1. The brain (caveat) is who we are.  2. The brain is functionally organized. 3. The brain changes with experience.  a. Internal/external   Many  early philosophers disregarded the role of the brain  Egypt --> brain was not preserved   Hippocrates  was one of the first to recognize the brain's significance --> Continued in the Renaissance   Leonardo da Vinci 's studies contributed to the changing view of the brain God Touching Man   God's gift to humanity = brain?? Descartes  ---> understand behavior by looking at animals as machines --> Reflex arc hypothesis  to explain simple movements Pineal Gland - not a paired organ, so identified as by Descartes as location of the soul
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Unformatted text preview: Behavioral Neuroscientists reject dualism = brain function can be explained entirely by the physical processes of the material world Phineas Gage (1840s) - laid explosives for RR construction Explosive packing device Lived like this for 12 years His personality changed --> more stubborn, lost social consciousness (cursed, lost friends) He had been stabbed in the prefrontal cortex--> important for inhibiting behaviors--> portion of brain affected by alcohol Phrenology - measuring bumps on head Experience - pups raised alone / with litter mates affects their behaviors to be social or isolate...
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Introduction - Behavioral Neuroscientists reject dualism =...

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