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1 Recap …. • The study of randomness and uncertainty • “Chances”, “odds”, “likelihood”, “expected”, “probably”, “on average”, . .. Probability (section 1.1) Population Sample PROBABILITY INFERENTIAL STATISTICS Section 2.1 Today …. Set (Theory) Algebra Just some “Shorthand notations” for long sentences Why do we need this shorthand Probability measures are assigned to subsets of a set Operations on sets containment, equality, union, intersection, complementation DeMorgan’s Law Formulation Sample spaces and events
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2 Sample Spaces Outcome: a possible result of the random phenomenon studied. Experiment: any process leading to an uncertain outcome. (but it is known that the outcome will be one of several possible outcomes). The sample space of an experiment is the set of all possible outcomes. Example: Toss a coin: Observe Temperature at 7AM at Columbus airport. S? Roll a six-sided die: Section 2.1 We will denote the sample space by S . S = { heads, tails } = { H, T } S = { 1,2,3,4,5,6 } Eamples of Sample Spaces Section 2.1
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Section2.1-students_SP11 - Recap . Probability (section...

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