SolutionHW6-SP11 - P(X<A) =...

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Solution SP 2011 Homework Assignment # 6- Chapter 4 Dr. Goel
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Remark: When calculating P(X<A), where X follows a normal distribution with mean=a, std=b, the formula is P(X<A) = P((X-a)/b<(A-a)/b). Since (X-a)/b follows the standard Normal(0,1),
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Unformatted text preview: P(X&lt;A) = P(Z&lt;(A-a)/b). The same strategy applies to the rest of the problems in this homework. Remark: In distribution Gamma(a,b), a is shape parameter and b is scale parameter. That is, if X~Gamma(a,b), then X/b~Gamma(a,1)....
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SolutionHW6-SP11 - P(X&amp;amp;lt;A) =...

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