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STAT 427 Home Work Assignment #1 Spring 2011 Dr. Goel Sections 2.1-2.3 10:30-11:18 Due Date: Monday April 11, 2011 Assigned Problems (To be turned in for Credit) Text Book, Chapter 2 Exercises: 2.8 : “An engineering construction firm is currently working on power plants…” (page 51) 2.12 : “Consider randomly selecting a student at a certain university…” (page 57) 2.22: “The route used by a certain motorist…” (page 58-59) 2.26: “A certain system can experience three…” (page 59) 2.30 : “A friend of mine is giving a dinner party. His current wine…” (page 65) 2.34 : “Shortly after being put into service, some buses…” (page 66) 2.38: “A box in a certain supply room contains…” (page 66) 2.41 : “A mathematics professor wishes to schedule an appointment…” (page 66) Suggested Problems that do not need to turn in: Text Book, Chapter 2 Exercises: 2.3: “Three components are connected to form a system…” (page 50) 2.10 : “In Example 2.10, identify…” and “Suppose there is no outcome `…” (page 51)
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