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STAT 427 Home Work Assignment #4 Spring 2011 Dr. Goel Sections 3.3-3.4 10:30-11:18 Due Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Text Book, Chapter 3 Exercises: Assigned Problems (To be turned in for Credit) 3.30: “An individual who has automobile insurance…” (page 106) 3.36: “Let X be the damage incurred…” (page 107) 3.48: “When circuit boards used in the manufacture…” (page 113) 3.50: “A particular telephone number is used to receive…” (page 114) 3.51: “Refer to the previous exercise…” (page 114) 3.55: “Twenty percent of all telephones…” (page 114) 3.65: “Customers at a gas station pay…” (page 115) 3.66: “An airport limousine can accommodate up to four…” (page 115) (For 3.66, only do parts (a) and (b).) Special note : To compute the Binomial related probabilities, use the Binomial tables (Table A.1) wherever appropriate. For 3.55, use calculators. Suggested Problems that do not need to turn in: : 3.37: “The n candidates for a job have been ranked…” (page 107)
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Unformatted text preview: 3.44: “A result called Chebyshev’s inequality states…” (page 107)nomial 3.52: “Suppose that 30% of all students who have to buy a text …” (page 114) 3.58: “A very large batch of components has arrived…” (page 115) Additional Problem A : (related to 3.42: “Suppose E [ X ] = 5 and…” (page 107)) For ± (²) ³´² µ , we know that ¶(·) ³ ´¸(· µ ) ¹ º¸(·)» µ ³ ¸º ± (·)» ¹´ ± º¸(·)»¼ Now, let µ (²) ³ ´²(² ¹ ½) ¶(·) ³ ´¸º µ (·)» ¹´ µ º¸(·)»¼ Notes: Please submit your Assignment at the beginning of the class. As discussed in the Syllabus, late submissions will not be accepted. Remember that you must show all work when answering the questions. If the answer to the question is a calculation, be sure to write down the formula you used or describe how you made the calculation. . Answers to Questions regarding probabilities should be given in the decimal format....
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