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STAT 427 Home Work Assignment #5 Spring 2011 Dr. Goel Sections 3.5-4.1 10:30-11:18 Due Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 Text Book, Chapter 3-4 Exercises: Assigned Problems (To be turned in for Credit) 3.68: “ A certain type of digital camera comes in …” ( page 120) 3.76: “ A family decides to have children until . ..” ( page 121) 3.82 : “Consider writing onto a computer disk…” (page 125) 3.86 : “The number of people arriving for treatment at an emergency room…” (page 125) 3.88 : “In proof testing of circuit boards, the probability …” (page 125) 4.2 : “Suppose the reaction temperature…” (page 135) 4.4 : “Let X denote the vibratory stress (psi) on a wind turbine blade…” (page 135) 4.5 : “A college professor never finishes his lecture before the end…” (page 135) Suggested Problems that do not need to turn in: : 3.74: “ A second-stage smog alert has been called ….” ( page 121 ) 3.75: “ Suppose that p =P(male birth) = .5. A couple wishes to …”( page 121)
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Unformatted text preview: 3.81 : “Suppose that the number of drivers who travel…” (page 125) 3.101: “ Of the people passing through an airport metal detector …”(page 121) 3.113: “ A test for the presence of a certain disease …”(page 128) 4.6: “The actual tracking weight of a stereo cartridge…” (page 135) IGNORE part (a) (“Sketch the graph…”) for this problem 4.10 : “A family of pdf’s that has been used to approximate the distribution…” (page 136) Notes: Please submit your Assignment at the beginning of the class. As discussed in the Syllabus, late submissions will not be accepted. Remember that you must show all work when answering the questions. If the answer to the question is a calculation, be sure to write down the formula you used or describe how you made the calculation. . Answers to Questions regarding probabilities should be given in the decimal format....
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