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SP2011-HW6 - STAT 427 Dr Goel Home Work Assignment#6...

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STAT 427 Home Work Assignment #6 Spring 2011 Dr. Goel Sections 4.2-4.4 10:30-11:18 Due Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Text Book, Chapter 3-4 Exercises: Assigned Problems (To be turned in for Credit) 4.13: “Example 4.5 introduced the concept of time headway in traffic flow and…” (page 143) 4.18: “Let X denote the voltage at the output of microphone…” ( page 143) 4.32 : “Let X be a normal random variable with mean 80 and standard deviation 10 …” (page 154) 4.34: “The article „Reliability of Domestic -Waste Bi ofilm Reactors‟…” (page 154) 4.38: “There are two machines available for cutting corks…” (page 155) 4.43: “The distribution of resistance for resistors of a certain type…” (page 155) 4.60: “Let X denote the distance (m) that an animal moves…” (page 162) 4. 66: “Suppose the time spent by a randomly selected student…” (page 162) Suggested Problems that do not need to turn in: : 4.14: “The article “Modeling Sediment and Water Column Interactions…‟” (page 143) 4.15: “Let X denote the amount of space occupied by
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