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Discussion 8 - Interest groups have become a powerful force...

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Unformatted text preview: Interest groups have become a powerful force in the American political landscape. However, some have argued that they have become too powerful and because they give quite a bit to political campaigns, through their political action committees (PACS), they are often heard over the voices of the American people. Others have argued that interests groups represent an important forth arm in the American governmental structure acting as a powerful catalyst for groups of people, who might have been powerless individually but are more powerful collectively to represent themselves. Based on your reading, answer the following questions: 1) Do you think that interests groups have become too powerful? 2) Why or why not? You need to use ONE interest group as an example in your argument (the interest group can derive from your book, the learning unit or your own independent research. Do not say "business interest groups" instead give the book, the learning unit or your own independent research....
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