Study guide for chapter three and four

Study guide for chapter three and four - Study guide...

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Study guide CHAPTER 3 Three systems of government 1. Unitary system-a centralized governmental system in which ultimate governmental authority rests in the hands of the national, or central, government 2. Confederal system-a system consisting of a league of independent states, each having essentially sovereign powers. The central government created by such a league has only limited powers over the states 3. Federal system-authority is divided, between a central government and regional, or sub-divisional governments. The central government and the constituent governments both act directly on the people through laws and through the actions of elected and appointed governmental officials Benefits and disadvantages of federalism Benefits Allows functions to be “farmed out” by the central government to states or provinces Federalism makes communication easier. Even with modern transportation and communication systems, the large area or population of some nations makes it impractical to locate all political authority in one place. Federalism brings government closer to people. It allows more direct access to, and influence on, government agencies and policies, rather than leaving the population restive and dissatisfied with a remote, faceless, all-powerful central authority. Disadvantages Some see it as a way for powerful state and local interests to block progress and impede national plans Smaller political units are more likely to be dominated by a single political group Too many Americans suffer as a result of the inequalities across states differ markedly in education spending and achievement, crime and crime prevention, and even the safety of their buildings. Others see dangers in the expansion of national powers at the expense of the states. Expressed powers (enumerated powers)
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Study guide for chapter three and four - Study guide...

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