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Study guide for quiz 5 ch 7 and 8

Study guide for quiz 5 ch 7 and 8 - Study guide for quiz 5...

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Study guide for quiz 5, ch. 7 and 8 Interest group An organized group of individuals sharing common objectives who actively attempt to influence policymakers Purposive incentives A reason for supporting or participating in the activities of a group that is based on agreement with the goals of the group. For example, someone with a strong interest in human rights might have a purposive incentive to join Amnesty International. Material incentives A reason or motive based on the desire to enjoy certain economic benefits or opportunities Types of interest groups Economic Interest groups Business interest groups Agriculture interest groups Labor interest groups Environmental groups Public-Interest groups Lobbyist An organization or individual who attempts to influence legislation and the administrative decisions of government American Civil Liberties Union Dates back to World War I, when, under a different name, it defended draft resisters. It generally enters into legal disputes related to Bill of Rights issues.
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