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Unformatted text preview: STA 6207 – Homework 6 Due 11/05/10 Part 1 – Polynomial Regression An experiment was conducted to measure the effects of two rocket nozzle area ratios at various propellant mixture ratios on the response Vacuum Specific Impulse. Fit a polynomial regression model that best describes the relationship. Note that nozzle area ratio can enter only linearly, as it has 2 levels. Consider any interactions and polynomials in the model. Include a plot, as well as any tables in your analysis. Part 2 – Trigonometric Regression Fit a trigonometric regression describing revenues per available room for the Miami hotel data. Use only the first 72 months in your analysis. Choose the lowest order model that meets an α = 0.05 threshold to stay in the model. Part 3 – Regression Models with Qualitative Factors An experiment was conducted, measuring Luminance scores (Y) and quality grades in 5 varieties of Egyptian cotton. Dummy variables and interaction terms were created to allow separate regressions for each of the 5 cotton....
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