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Abortion Review: 1. The first reason is that the laws were the product of a Victorian social concern to discourage illicit sexual conduct. Argument against this is that the Texas statutes are overbroad in protecting it since the law fails to distinguish between married and unwed mothers. The second reason is concerned with abortion as a medical procedure, because when the laws were first enacted it was a hazardous one for the women. However, modern medical techniques have altered the situation so that mortality rates for women undergoing early abortions are lower than the rates for normal childbirth. The third reason is that the State’s interest in protecting prenatal life. Some of the argument for this justification rests on the theory that a new human life is present from the moment of conception. Only when the life of the pregnant mother herself is at stakes should the interest of the fetus not prevail. This theory is flawed because a legitimate state interest in this area need not stand
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