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Biochemistry 521 Dr. Zucai Suo 749A Bio. Sci. [email protected] 688-3706 (o) Teaching Assistants: Marianne Lee 812 Biological Sciences Steve Lin 832 Biological Sciences Lab Supervisor Cynthia Hatfield 868B Bio. Sci. 292-9482 [email protected] Biochemistry 521 Prerequisites: Biochemistry 511 or 613 or equiv and past the placement test Textbooks : Laboratory Manual Biochemical Techniques by Robyt and White Read the required text before coming to the lab! Basis for Grading Midterm exam 20% Final exam 23% Quizzes 15% Unknowns (~ 4) 12% Practical exam 10% Lab reports, techniques, etc. 20% No makeup quizzes overall score = class average = “B” Laboratory Reports: 1. Work independently in the preparation of lab reports 2. Computer-generated lab reports 3. All lab reports are due one week after completion of the experiment. 4. Late reports will have points deducted (1.5 points/day) 5. No reports will be accepted which are more than one week late. 6. One lab report (10 point total): Introduction (1 point); Experimental methods (1 point) Raw data and calculations (2 points); Summary of results (3 points) Conclusions and discussion (3 points) Lab Rules 1. Take turns to use equipment 2. Be considerate and be a good citizen 3. Be Cooperative with your partner 4. Dispose trash in proper trash containers (do not throw away used beakers and flasks, leave them in a specific sink). 5. Be gentle to the equipment 6. Follow safety rules 7. Take detail notes 8. Return your Pipetman set to GTA at the end of each day Session 1 Pipetting and Weighing Plunger Button Tip Ejector Stainless Steel Ejector Arm (removable) Plastic Shaft Disposable Tip Volume Indicator Volume (Stroke) Adjustment Knob P-20 and P-200 share the same tips. P-1000 uses larger tip. Body (high Impact, low temperature coefficient plastic)
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Each set: P-20, 0.1-20 µ l P-200, 20-200 µ l P-1000, 200-1000 µ l Quantitative Liquid Transfer Your Cart: 0 Items / $0.00 Graduated cylinders 1. Set the desired Volume by dialing downward. 2. Attach a new pipette tip firmly 3. Depress the plunger to the first positive stop 4. Holding the Pipetman vertically, immerse the tip into the sample liquid to a depth of: 1-2 mm P-20 and P-200 or 2-4 mm P-1000. 5. Allow the plunger to return slowly to the Up position. Never snap up plunger . 6. Wait for 1-2 seconds to draw full-volume of sample. 7. Depress the plunger to the Second Stop. This severs to rinse the tip. 8. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to draw sample again into tip. Operation Procedures Operation Procedures 9. Withdrawn the tip from sample liquid, wipe any fluid remaining on the outside of the tip using a Kimwipes, do not touch the tip opening. 10. Dispense sample: place tip end against sidewall of a receiving vessel, depress plunger slowly to the First Stop, wait for 1-3 seconds, depress plunger to the Second Stop, then repeat several times to expel any liquid in tip while withdraw Pipetman with tip sliding along wall of vessel.
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lectures - Biochemistry 521 Dr Zucai Suo 749A Bio Sci...

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