Things to note about the midterm

Things to note - 3 6 12 13 18 21 22 22 10 3 5 10 15 20 25 0<x≤10 10<x≤20 20<x≤30 30<x≤40 40<x≤50 50<x≤60 60<x≤70

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Things to note about the midterm… Unfortunately, this was the type of exam where you either knew the material or you didn’t. There were a lot of structure and fill-in the blank questions. I had given many of you advice on how to study for the class and on the second page of the practice exam there are tips that have helped me do well on exams. If you have questions on your exam, I would encourage you to look at the key and think about it, and then come to see me if the material is still confusing for you. Here was the distribution. Midterm Statistics for Biochem 511 (Summer '05)
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Unformatted text preview: 3 6 12 13 18 21 22 22 10 3 5 10 15 20 25 0<x≤10% 10<x≤20% 20<x≤30% 30<x≤40% 40<x≤50% 50<x≤60% 60<x≤70% 70<x≤80% 80<x≤90% 90<x≤100% % Ranges Number of Students Stats (w/o drops) Average: 53% Median: 61.25 Highest Score: 104.5/108 As for the curve, it will be decided at the end once the total points have been accounted. The median score will be pushed to a C+ if it isn’t already there. You are always welcome to discuss you grades with me in this class or how you can improve your score....
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