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ENU 4930/6937 Elements of Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Safeguards HW #2 Due Date: May 26, 2010 1. Briefly research and draw a phase digram for UF 6 gas, detailing solid, liquid, and gaseous state points vs temperature and pressure. 2. Briefly research and describe the safety hazards relating to a UF 6 accidental release, and HF safety measures. Briefly list remedies and precautions that apply for any facility . 3. Using detailed lecture notes on stage separation theory, show that alpha = 1.00429 for gaseous diffusion if all U 235 F 6 and U 238 F 6 gas molecules strike a diffusion barrier and have the same kinetic energy E . 4. Briefly research and describe the attributes of the structural materials needed to build gas
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Unformatted text preview: centrifuge machines as listed in the lecture notes, and comment on their availability. 5. Compute the alpha for a gas centrifuge enriching UF 6 at 300K spinning at a peripheral drum speed of 600 m/s (what is this in mph?) where the scoop extracts product at r/ a =0.85. 6. Solve for the minimum number of stages for a UF 6 enrichment plant with a top product of a. 3 w% U-235 b. 20 w% U-235 c. 90 w% U-235 for each separation technology (gaseous diffusion, centrifuge, Becker nozzle) if the feed is 0.711 w% U-235 and the tails are extracted at 0.3 w% U-235....
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