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ENU-4930/6937: “Elements of Nuclear Safeguards, Non-Proliferation, and Security” Instructors: Dr G. E. Sjoden ([email protected]) and Dr J. E. Baciak, Jr ([email protected]) Florida Institute of Nuclear Detection and Security Department of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, University of Florida Offering: Summer-A Semester, 2010, Per 5-7, 2:00pm-6:15pm Mondays and Wednesdays (Fridays as Required) Description : The course provides engineering students with a brief background and overview of key topics important to nuclear materials safeguards, accountability, non- proliferation and security; it is most useful for engineers who may enter the workforce and are required to handle issues relating to nuclear materials to include homeland security, customs and border security, IAEA, fuel enrichment and fabrication services, nuclear power plants, and related disciplines. Classes are 2 hours each; lectures span 1-2 hours each, depending upon the topic. The course also includes a provision for SCALE Criticality radiation transport and Safeguards Training at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), with travel accommodations for up to 20 students. NOTES: i. Reading Assignments and/or Pop Quizzes can be given at any time. ii. Class meetings are normally Mondays and Wednesdays, however, some class meetings may be scheduled for Fridays depending upon travel requirements iii. There will be two “Special Topics” guest lecturers scheduled in June 2010; these will include two retired nuclear weapons designers from LANL, and the Senior Fellow/Chief Scientist from Los Alamos, and participation in these lectures is required outside of class hours.
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