samqu2 - results are summarized in the following table...

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STA 2023 SAMPLE QUIZ 2 Name: SSN: INSTRUCTIONS : Show all of your work when you answer a question. Place a box around your final answer. 1. A person was asked to rank the taste of chicken wings from three diFerent restaurants B,F and P according to his/her preference. That is, the taster needed to specify which wings (s)he found best, 2nd best and 3rd best. (a) One simple event could be denoted FBP . Carefully describe what we mean by the notation FBP . (2 pts) (b) Write down all possible ways that the taster could rank the wings from the three restaurants. That is, list the sample space for this experiment. (4 pts) (c) If the taster could not detect any diFerences in the wings, what is the probability that restau- rant B is identified as making the second best wings? SHOW YOUR WORK! (4 pts) 1
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2. The manufacturer of a kitchen appliance studied consumer complaints about the product. The
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Unformatted text preview: results are summarized in the following table: Timing of Complaint Reason for Complaint Electrical Mechanical Appearance During Guarantee Period .18 .13 .32 After Guarantee Period .12 ? .03 Define the events A = { Complaint was about Appearance } B = { Complaint was during Guarantee Period } (a) What is P ( A c ) ? SHOW YOUR WORK! (3 pts) (b) What is P ( A ∪ B )? SHOW YOUR WORK! (3 pts) (c) Are A and B independent? Why or why not? SHOW YOUR WORK! (4 pts) 3. THERE WILL ALSO BE SOME QUESTIONS, SIMILAR TO THOSE IN PROJECT 1, RELAT-ING TO THE INTERPRETATION OF VARIOUS GRAPHICAL SUMMARIES (BOX-PLOT, STEM AND LEAF, SCATTER DIAGRAM, HISTOGRAM). THE PLOTS WILL BE DIFFER-ENT FROM BUT SIMILAR TO THOSE YOU PRODUCED IN PROJECT 1. 2...
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samqu2 - results are summarized in the following table...

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