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Scrum-dev - Updated daily Increment Version of the product...

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Scrum Development Process Copyright 2004, William C. Wake, [email protected], www.xp123.com Free for non-commercial use. 1-25-04 Daily Scrum Hosted by ScrumMaster Attended by all, but Stakeholders don’t speak Same time every day Answer: 1) What did you do yesterday? 2) What will you do today? 3) What’s in your way? Team updates Sprint Backlog; ScrumMaster PO Product Owner: Set priorities Roles SM ScrumMaster: Manage process, T Team: Develop product SH Stakeholders: observe & advise Key Artifacts Product Backlog List of requirements & issues Owned by Product Owner Anybody can add to it Only Product Owner Sprint Goal One-sentence summary Declared by Product Owner Accepted by team Sprint Backlog List of tasks Owned by team Only team modifies it Blocks List List of blocks & unmade decisions Owned by ScrumMaster
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Unformatted text preview: Updated daily Increment Version of the product Shippable functionality (tested, documented, Key Meetings Sprint Planning Meeting Hosted by ScrumMaster; ½-1 day In: Product Backlog, existing product, business & technology conditions 1. Select highest priority items in Product Backlog; declare Sprint Goal 2. Team turns selected items Sprint Review Meeting Hosted by ScrumMaster Attended by all Informal, 4-hour, informational Team demos Increment All discuss Hold retrospective Announce next Sprint Produc t Development Process Increme nt Sprint Planning Daily Daily Sprint Goal Sprint Backlo Blocks List Produc t Sprint Review Sprint : 30 days each Produc t Increme nt’...
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