Sex, Gender & Society Final

Sex, Gender & Society Final - WMST 1016 Take-Home Essay...

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WMST 1016 Take-Home Essay Final As we have progressed throughout the course of this semester, one of the prevailing and repeated questions is how exactly the current gender differences and inequalities that we experience in everyday life have come to be. It has become abundantly obvious, though, that these issues cannot be pinned into one aspect of our society, but rather are the cumulative outcome of many different institutional and cultural practices. Many questions continually arise in regards to gender and the role that it plays in our lives, one of the most prevalent though is what is it exactly that causes inequality between genders? Upon further examination, the analyzation of various sectors of our present-day environment can provide the answers to why gender differences are so apparent, and what can be done to solve the inequalities that arise because of the actions of many different people and entities. One of the leading causes behind gender inequalities is most certainly the stereotypes that are so very prevalent throughout our culture. These stereotypes often dictate many of our everyday
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Sex, Gender & Society Final - WMST 1016 Take-Home Essay...

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